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Woody Rae Forrieter – Dedicated ManKind Project Organizational Role Holder

Personal Mission: I create a world of innocence by forgiving the past, blessing the future, and loving right now. Action in the World: Woody has been involved with The Mankind Project since 2000, and has been involved in MKP Alberta since 2006. In that time he has taken on numerous organizational roles in the community, […]

Ned Helme – Fostering Coalitions for The Global Good

Personal Mission: Through knowledge, power and persistence I foster coalitions for the global good. Action in the World: Ned played an instrumental role in the development and passage of the Clean Air Act Amendments in 1990, which established the first U.S. national emissions trading program. He was a driving force behind the Decin Project in […]

David Yarrow – Dedicated To Creating a Sustainable Healthy Planet

Personal Mission: To restore the earth by renewing the minerals and trace elements in soil so that all life can flourish again. Action in the World: David Yarrow’s work in the creating a sustainable planet capable of producing GMO and chemical free food is recognized nationally, regionally, and locally. He has met with soil scientists; […]

Ashanti Branch – Helping To Build A Strong Next Generation

Personal Mission: I create a world of freedom by teaching youth to break their chains. Action in the World: Ashanti is a muti faceted man. He has created his rites of passage programs to support youth. His The Ever Forward Club has celebrated 10 years of supporting youth graduate high schools and attend colleges, with […]

Tom Houle – Volunteer With His Church, The Red Cross, and Hospice Care

Personal Mission: I create a joyful, abundant world, by serving from my heart. Action in the World: Tom is a full-time volunteer, spending the majority of his day volunteering with three organizations: • Tom is the Parish Coordinator and Property Manager for his church, Gloria Dei Lutheran, in Chatham, NJ. In addition to being a […]

Keith Carlson – Highly Respected Registered Nurse and Life Coach

Personal Mission: I create a world of love and authentic connection by living in love and authenticity. Action in the World: • Keith is a highly respected registered nurse and life coach. • He gives ongoing volunteer care for an elderly couple on hospice in Santa Fe. • He has championed his MKP I-group doing […]

Larry Anmuth – Bringing The Possibility of Inner Peace To Veterans and Prison Populations

Personal Mission: Create a world of integrity, I model integrity. Action in the World: Larry’s work and passion is to bring the message of the possibility of inner peace to veterans and prison populations of North Carolina. Before moving to Asheville, Larry, along with MKP co-leader Rich Menges, established a Mankind Project based program for […]

Tom Daly – Touching The Lives of Thousands of Youth, Men and Women

Personal Mission: I foster the dance of heart and soul to build a more just, joyful, and sustainable world. Action in the World: Few men in the nation have had a longer or more committed life in men’s work than Tom. Directly and indirectly Tom has touched the lives of thousands of Youth, Men and […]

Tim Kelty – Living His Mission as an Actor in Educational Theatre for Young Audiences in 20 States

Personal Mission: I create vibrant community through song, story, music, and dance. Action in the World: In the last 23 years Tim has worked as an actor in educational theater performing in 25 shows for young audiences in 20 states, to an average of 200 kids per show. Some of the topics of these shows […]

Pete Sandoval – Taking His Talents of Healing to New Levels and Co-Founder of Boys To Men, St. Louis

Personal Mission: I create a playful and loving universe by making dreams come true through embracing the divine. Action in the World: Pete Sandoval was initiated in St. Louis in 1999. Pete has remain very active in the St. Louis community, serving as a past Center Director and staffed many NWTA’s and other trainings. While […]

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