Keith Carlson – Highly Respected Registered Nurse and Life Coach

August 28th, 2014  |  Published in Elders & Elderhood, For Women & Girls, Hospice Care, Ron Hering Award, Working with Men  |  1 Comment

Keith CarlsonPersonal Mission:

I create a world of love and authentic connection by living in love and authenticity.

Action in the World:

• Keith is a highly respected registered nurse and life coach.
• He gives ongoing volunteer care for an elderly couple on hospice in Santa Fe.
• He has championed his MKP I-group doing regular volunteer service at the Interfaith Homeless Shelter.
• He does ongoing volunteer service for elderly women in his cohousing community.
• He offers volunteer First Aid and safety training for community children.
• He co-coordinates, with his wife, free Laughter Yoga events for the Santa Fe community.
• He volunteers as an Advisory Board member of a progressive non-profit that works to improve the delivery of healthcare in the United States.
• He co-hosts an Internet radio show that serves as a voice for the development of a larger vision of the nursing profession.
• He volunteers for the Santa Fe Time Bank.
• He offers free advice and counsel for nurses and nursing students.


  1. Rick Silver says:

    December 6th, 2014at 6:23 pm(#)

    I have known Keith for years. All of the above are true of him.
    What is left out is that he commits himself even though he suffers from ongoing physical pain and doesn’t complain or use this as a reason to not commit to help others.
    A real warrior.

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