About this site

MenLivingMission.com is a special presentation of The Mankind Project.

One of the primary outcomes of the New Warrior Training Adventure is a man connecting with his own personal sense of purpose in the world. From this he writes a personal mission statement to help him direct his passion and energy in the world. For many men this personal mission translates into action in the world. This site exists to recognize the action that men take in the world.

Some of the Missions highlighted on this site are those of Ron Hering award winners. Ron Hering was one of the original three founders of MKP in 1985. Each year the ManKind Project recognizes men who are living powerful missions of service in the world with the Ron Hering Award. This award recognizes and supports men within MKP who have exemplified their lives by living their missions in extraordinary ways. Most typically, but not always, this manifests itself in dedicated service work.

Thank you to all of those selfless and dedicated men out there in the world who have modeled what men living mission looks like!

Submissions may be sent to: mission@mkp.org

About the Page’s Contributors:

Steven Simmer

Steve Simmer, for those of us privileged to know him, lives his life in the midst of the constant stream and theme of mission. Appropriately enough, one of his formal mission statements is that he “creates a world of freedom by encouraging men with my courage to do all that they can be and to be all that they can do.” By profession a psychotherapist, he works continuously to inspire men to actively find and engage in their own mission in this world. Dr. Simmer completed the New Warrior Training Adventure back in 2001, and has never been the same man since.
To learn more about Steve and his work you can visit his website

I create a world of freedom by encouraging men with my courage to do all that they can be and to be all that they can do.


Theodore L. (Ted) Freedman – Proud Hawk – is a grateful, on going supporter and member of the Mankind Project. Ted was initiated in 2003 at Circle Pines in Delton, MI and both his sons have been through the NWTA as well. “We are a family of initiated men.”

He has been an active member in service to MKP since 2005 when he joined the Windsor Detroit Community Board as Enrollment Coordinator, then Information Coordinator and finally I Group Coordinator. In addition to his work at the Community level, he has continuously been part of an I Group, first in Grand Rapids, MI with the Soaring Men and Kalamazoo’s Men of Laughing Waters.

His passion for mission really shone when Men of Laughing Waters received Windsor Detroit’s Ron Hering Award for their wide variety of community service activities. He, along with a couple of other men, were instrumental in keeping the Men… focused on regular monthly activities.

Now Ted brings that same passion to his new I Group where he has encouraged the men there to work with him on various service projects. In addition, he works closely with Z. Newell as the other Mission Co-coordinator for MKPI to bring Mission to the forefront of the work we do.

My Mission is to create a world of joy through creative action in the world. As a man among men I am proud!


Ivan ‘Z’ Newell, Listening Monkeyking, has been a part of the Mankind Project since 2002.

Along with Ted Freedman, ‘Z’ serves as Mission Co-Coordinator for Mankind Project International in 14 countries. He is an active participant in MKP on many levels, including his local I-Group, currently serving on the MKP KY Integration Council, and past positions as MKP KY Board of Directors member and Secretary, VP of MKP KY Community, and Enrollment Coordinator for the Lexington KY area. Z is a Leader in Training for the New Warrior Training Adventures, and has staffed over 25 weekends in 7 different states and Canada.

Z’s passion, energy and love for this Men’s work seem to stem from his natural desire to help people.

His mission: I help create a world of authentic and empowered people by uncovering the best in me and the best in those around me. As a man among men, I listen with an open heart.