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Brian Courtney – Bridging the Gap between Men and Women

Personal Mission: I co-create empowered wholeness by sharing love, strength and wisdom through leadership. Action in the World: Brian is a co-founder of the H.E.R. Weekend, an experiential training for women that is modeled on the NWTA and staffed by both men and women. He has staffed every H.E.R. training as a co-leader since its […]

James McLeary Creates Self Respect Behind Prison Walls

Personal Mission: To provide a safe place for people to discover their brilliance and have the courage to live in it. Action in the World: James was one of the designers and leaders in a 4-day training at Folsom Prison in Ca. which began in 2000. The workshop provides a behavioral-cognitive model for men to […]

David Collins – The SHARP Voice in Addiction Recovery

Personal Mission: I empower others by teaching them to take personal responsibility for themselves. This is achieved by practicing unconditional love and acceptance. Action in the World: David founded an addiction rehabilitation centre, SHARP (Selfhelp Addiction Recovery Programme) in Johannesburg five years ago and is part-time Centre Director. He is a recovered drug addict and […]

Bill Boal’s Vision – Elders mentoring Seniors

Personal Mission: To foster intergrity and authenticity wherever I am — by striving to be myself and be of service no matter what. Action in the World: Bill Boal at 80 inspires his elder community Brothers with his enormous energy, creativity and desire to live in service. He is always creating new ideas and his […]

Bill Baue – Working for a Sustainable World

Mission of Service for Bill Baue Personal Mission: To create harmony by making light. Action in the World: Bill has worked on the Wal-Mart Sustainability Report, wrote a chapter on sustainable finance for the State of the World 2008 report from Worldwatch Institute, and wrote reports for the United Nations, Ceres, and the Investor Environmental […]

The Many Lives of Adam Carnegie

  Personal Mission: I create a world of wonder through understanding; I do this by first understanding myself and then exerting my creative passion. Action in the World: Adam is a passionate Environmentalist, passionate also about building self esteem and values diversity. He has created and served on many campaigns to raise awareness and funds […]

How are you living mission in your life?

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What’s your purpose?

When you become deeply aware of who you are, in touch with your unique gifts and passions … your purpose can emerge. At the ManKind Project, we take men on a journey to help them discover their purpose. plastic surgery atlanta ga atlanta carpet cleaning pure garcinia cambogia extract reviews пластиковые окна минск в минске […]

What’s your vision of the world?

Have you ever spent time getting a clear picture of the world that you really want to live in? web hosting company cheap anabolic steroids

Danny Spitler – tomorrow’s children – School in Cambodia

Personal Mission: To live life passionately and to be a resource provider for worthy people and causes. Action in the World: After a visit to Cambodia in 2005 Danny and his wife Pam provided funding for a school in a poverty-stricken village. Using personal funds, along with donations from family members and a few friends, […]

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