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Working on your TO BE List

by Stephen Simmer – MKP USA Mission Circle Coordinator I don’t read emails, I scan them.  The idea of slowing down and staying fully present with a thought is very difficult, very foreign to me.  If you’re like me, you might notice a persistent voice, right now, telling you to hurry through this email, to […]

Dennis Shackley – Hospice, Homelessness and Mentoring

Personal Mission: To create a world where all people are conscious,empowered,and blessed by being present each and every moment of my life. Action in the World: Hospice- have been with the organization for three years seeing individuals who have six months or less to live by evaluations of a medical team. My focus is to […]

2013 Ron Hering Award Ceremony – ONLINE

The 14th Annual Ron Hering Mission of Service Awards Ceremony – Online! Ron Hering, one of the founders of the ManKind Project, lived with profound passion and dedication to helping others. In his memory, the ManKind Project created the Ron Hering Mission of Service Awards. The 2013 Hering Award recognizes men in our local communities who […]

Giving and living your best – Notes on Mission

by Stephen Simmer Often, I hear a man say that he must first heal himself and his family before he devotes mission energy to the wider world.  It is as if he needs to build up a reservoir of power, energy, happiness and love.  When he and his family have had enough, then he will consider acts […]

Barack Obama Presidential Award to Vets’ Journey Home TX Founder

Samuel Luna, Founder of Vets’ Journey Home Texas, Receives Presidential “Champion of Change” Award for Vietnam Veterans WEB LINK: http://www.whitehouse.gov/champions/vietnam-veterans/samuel-luna The ManKind Project USA Board of Directors and Staff wish to recognize and honor Samuel Luna, Founder of Vets’ Journey Home Texas for his powerful service offering healing to Veterans.  Luna is one of 11 men and women […]

Healing Hearts in Kenya – Patrick Mureithi

by Boysen Hodgson In 2007 Patrick Mureithi traveled to Rwanda with the opportunity to film a reconciliation process between perpetrators and victims of violence in the Rwandan genocide. The experience had a deep and lasting impact. He created a documentary film based on that experience called “ICYIZERE:hope” (see the preview below). “ICYIZERE:hope” trailer from Patrick […]

Ron Hering Awards 2011 Ceremony

The ManKind Project International presents the Ron Hering Mission of Service Awards for 2011. You can view the video below. Click here to download a PDF version of the presentation. CLICK HERE web hosting companies Air Conditioning Company see here

New Jersey steps out for service

“As many of you know, I work for an agency that helps adults who have developmental disabilities…” That is how Dave Mueller’s Mission Day of Service announcements begin, with this simple explanation of what he does for his job. My personal impression is that the work he does “for his job” is very much in […]

Burke Denman – Working for Sustainable Communities

Personal Mission: I build community by opening my heart and dropping my weapons and my armor. Action in the World: Burke has manifested his personal mission in the greater community for the last 38 years. He has served and led several housing boards, food co-ops, and emergency medical/rescue trainings. For the last 8 years he […]

Kentucky – Mission in Action

Recently one of the Mission Team Co-coordinators filmed a day of service in the ManKind Project Kentucky Community – this is a great video – and a testament to the effort that are happening in communities of the ManKind Project. www.elliegouldingsongs.com limo service new york stanabol

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