John Closs – Founding Director of Boys to Men Canada, Currently Serving as Board Secretary

July 14th, 2014  |  Published in Elders & Elderhood, Mentoring, Ron Hering Award

John ClossPersonal Mission:

I create a world of passionate, empowered people through blessing, challenging, and sharing my gifts.

Action in the World:

John is a founding director of Boys to Men Canada, currently serving as board secretary. He sits as a mentor on a weekly basis at the BTM circle of boys at Riverdale High School. He staff BTM Rite of Passage weekends. He works to expand BTM in the Montreal area.
He is a founding director of the Riverdale CFER (Centre for entrepreneurial and recycling training – English translation). He currently serves as a member-at-large. It is a “work study” programme for students who are unlikely to get their high school leaving certificate. The mission is to:

  • Develop autonomous students
  • Produce engaged citizens
  • Train productive workers