Bravehearts I-Group – Through Diverse Missions of Service Co-creating Random Acts of Kindness

July 13th, 2014  |  Published in Mentoring, Ron Hering Award

Bravehearts I-GroupPersonal Mission:

Through diverse missions of service we co-create a thriving community by giving back with random acts of kindness.

Action in the World:

Several years ago Bravehearts I-Group chose to live its mission of service in the world one give-away at a time. People in their community have had their lives changed by these thirteen men giving their time, labor, and money anonymously to create the world they want to live in. At each meeting they conduct a “mission round” to come up with a service project, and they generally take turns finding ways to “make their collective stretch.” Among their many community deeds, they have performed yard cleanups for those in need, cooked dinner for an AIDS Support group, moved a battered woman and her two children to safety, mentored boys with Habitat for Humanity, adopted a family for Christmas, and were Santa’s elves for families needing support at the holidays. They currently commit to one community service project per month and are blessed to serve while having fun together.

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