Jeremy Farson – Like an Extension Cord, Transmitting New Power and Life To the Lost

June 12th, 2014  |  Published in Elders & Elderhood, Mentoring, Ron Hering Award

Jeremy FarsonPersonal Mission:

With help from Christ Jesus, I co-create a world of freedom and redemption by fiercely loving broken men, and mentoring them to free others from their bondage

Action in the World:

Jeremy is like an extension cord in the inner city, transmitting new power and life to the lost. He looks for people whose light has gone out in their eyes, and immerses himself to helping them understand God loves them, and created them to shine. He also mentors those who already have a connection with spirit to get even deeper and closer. He’s forever tirelessly in pursuit of those in need, approaching the tired, afraid, empty souls with huge acceptance and understanding for their stories. He sacrifices his own free time endlessly to rehabilitate men and women with children, so they get a new reality with drug and alcohol free mothers and fathers. Formerly a homeless alcoholic/addict for 13 years, Jeremy is dedicated to transforming his community. He stands in his power by proudly and lovingly proclaiming God’s promises of redemption and forgiveness to those who think they themselves are too far from Grace. He models strength for the weak, and molds fatherless boys into men. Jeremy teaches all that they have purpose and gifts they were created to share, that the hard streets so desperately need.

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